As a leader in the Information and Communications Technology sector, ORIENTEK is built on a dynamic team of professionals with a high level of technical expertise to provide ICT services, solutions and/or products to the Jordanian market. We are distinguished among other ICT service providers by our deep technical know-how, our focus on specialized areas of the businesses and industries, and our promise to deliver comprehensive and customized solutions instead of just isolated products or services. Not only do we provide customers with the technology, but we also make sure it is best used to benefit their businesses. With this methodology, we focus on the following major areas of the ICT sector:

  • Convergence            
  • Cloud Computing
  • Fraud and Security
  • Consultancy
  • Quality Testing
  • Training

Our long experience and the continual development and enhancement of our capabilities and skills has made us assume a very strong position in consulting and training. Having partnered up with the most innovative, niche and professional vendors in each of the four areas above, ORIENTEK has become to possess the best mix of solutions and products. Our long association with the Telecom industry and the banking business have made us credible and reliable System Integrators among Telecom operators, entities and Banks. Our customers include Military and Police directorates, Security Directorates, Government and public sector entities

To continually provide knowledge based ICT solutions to our customers by enhancing our technical capabilities, empowering our employees and partnering with the key technology providers from around the globe, thereby delivering on our commitment of enhancing customer productivity by leveraging on ICT.
To be recognized as the leading ICT provider by offering our customers differentiated solutions based on deep Knowledge in a specialized field.