Jordan's Mobile Networks Quality of Service Measurements Voice & data

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) of Jordan has contracted Orientek to investigate into the quality of the services (Voice & Data) provided by the three mobile operators , Zain, Umniah and Orange. The project duration is 8 weeks. Orientek is implementing this project using highly sophisticated tools capable of measuring specific and service related Key Performance indicators (KPIs) . The tools are capable of conducting quality tests simultaneously for the three operators with minimal human intervention. The testing method is known as the drive-test method where the services are automatically monitored while moving along specific roads and through specific locations . The contents are sent to a control unit which processes them and produces very accurate reports relevant to the performance of each operator and based on the values of the KPIs for each operator compared to the international standards . The tools are also capable of performing the tests at stationary conditions in fixed locations. These are nationwide tests and shall cover almost all locations in the Kingdom of Jordan. Periodic reports will be sent to TRC to take whatever measures they see necessary.
Orientek uses state-of-the-art vehicle-mounted mobile local units for drive tests called (the Site) and wireless local units for testing at fixed locations.