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Computer-generated attacks are a significant and pervasive risk in today’s connected world. As our livelihoods increasingly depend on digital information networks, mobile devices, personal computers... -

Telecommunications fraud is the theft of Telecommunication services (telephones, cell phones, computers, internet,…etc). It involves the misuse of airtime by fraudsters who have no intentions of paying bills. The victims of such fraud include consumers, businesses and communications service providers. Experts agree that most telecom providers are losing that 3 to 10 percent of their income to fraud. Some consumers also lose much of their air time without knowing how and why. All of this leads to revenue losses and calls for adopting adequate measures to counter Telecom fraud. ORIENTEK offers the SIM Box Fraud detection solution which will stop your interconnect revenue losses. This solution : • Ensures first-class end-user experience through quick SIM Box elimination. • Detect gray routes and get real-time alerts of SIMs that are used in SIM Box equipment • Real-time reporting with drill-down function to full call data and timestamp We offer a SIM Box Detection solution with the goal to gradually “clean” incoming traffic terminating through SIM Boxes by disconnecting detected SIM Box numbers. This protects the network from any potential fraudulent upsurge. As part of the SIM Box Detection Service (SBD), we can also identify if mobile operator SIMs are used as international bypass (Arbitrage) to forward international wholesale voice traffic to destinations offered by the same mobile network operator with a competitive retail tariff. As an add-on to the SBD service, with a small hardware installation on customer premises, we can also provide automatic blocking, as well as information about IMSI and IMEI for the detected SIM Box numbers to make the identification of fraudsters more effective. -

Resource and Service Activation has never been that easy before. AIO BB provides the highest governance and the fastest problem fixing times in the industry. ORIENTEK offers the All In One Broadband, which enables, improvement in operational expenditures, fast and easy introduction of new services and homogeneous offerings to the end user. Difficulty of dealing with many technologies and GUIs, rising training costs, service and profile upgrade difficulties, high MTTD and MTTR, high call center response times, increasing CHURN due to dissatisfaction, inability to perform batch operations on the network, high maintenance costs, all translating into rising operational expenditures, can block growth. All In One Broadband, deployed with its own modules to have a full service activation and resource management functionality, enables improvement in operational expenditures, fast and easy introduction of new services and homogeneous offerings to the end user. All In One Broadband can be integrated with any existing open standards compliant OSS infrastructure. All In One Broadband provides consolidated service activation, inventory management, user management, alarm management, performance management, project management, from a single GUI, centralized service and subscriber database, centralized service selection gateway, single point of integration to umbrella management systems, quick integration for xDSL, FTTX, Wi-Max, CDMA or any other broadband network. Major worldwide vendors are supported -

Cloud computing derives it’s name from the cloud which is used as a metaphor to depict internet in network diagrams. In a cloud computing environment organizations do not have to invest heavily in IT infrastructure, instead they can consume computing resources, storage & management as a service. The providers of cloud computing have a large infrastructure and team of experts to provide many such organizations with shared resources. It is of great economic benefit to businesses. With the help of cloud computing small companies can leverage on hi-end technology without the usual entry barriers of high investment. Companies can focus on their core business without having to completely manage their IT infrastructure. We at ORIENTEK have the conviction that this technology can transform the way business is being done and can bring in new dimensions of productivity. -

Business intelligence (BI) solutions provide a reporting and analysis environment that easily adapts to needs. A good report assembles information needed by resource planning, operations and optimization. Increasingly, reporting is used for anticipating the future, allowing businesses to act according to changes and trends. Analysis allows the users to study the information on a report and determine cause-effect relationships. Statistical and data mining technologies can be used to anticipate customer behavior and optimize target groups for promotions. At Orientek we provide performance analysis and reporting solutions for financial management, sales and marketing, supply chain and human resources administrations. -

omputer Network Solutions provide Remote Network Operation Center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, monitoring converged technologies, networks, systems and applications for performance and security. By taking advantage of our resources: engineering talent, reporting and customized escalation plans, world class toolsets, compliance and security expertise, ORIENTEK clients can leverage our services at a fraction of their cost if implemented in-house. The Network Operations Center staff maintains a vigilant eye every minute of every hour on critical and non-critical technology so that your operation runs smoothly and uninterrupted, ensuring ‘round-the-clock, reliable performance, as well as rapid escalation and quick remediation in the event a problem is detected. Orientek provides network operation centers with end to end tools like :- • performance monitoring • Remote desktop management • Inventory management • Software distribution • Client automation -
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